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Overview of Website + Marketing a Small Business

When your goals include building your brand & attracting new customers to ultimately grow your business, it's going to take more than just a pretty website. Social media marketing is a permanent fixture as...

Why All Small Businesses Need Instagram

Social networks have been helping businesses in expanding their customer base since their inception. Instagram is home to over 1 billion monthly active users and over half of them visit the app daily. This...

Why do some people love cats more than dogs?

Being a 'dog person' or a 'cat person' has always been a matter of animal preferences, but there is more to it. In fact, there are 94.2 million people who love stroking the velvety fur of cats more than dogs...

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Everything you ever need to know about flowers

Flower petals are often showy because they are designed to attract pollinators like birds and insects who will fertilize them. The flower’s job is help make seeds to be spread for generations of flowers seeking the...

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Female eye behind big green leaves

Did you know that plants have a secret life?

The miracle of photosynthesis engages millions of leaves daily to produce oxygen & food for all lives on earth. Now there's evidence that poets were not wrong about plants having attributes of the soul. They are endowed...

The world needs true geniuses now more than ever

Knowledge is power and the world needs true geniuses now more than ever. From Silicon Valley to Sheba Valley, tech geniuses from all over the world are embracing the power of educating children to impart the importance...

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