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Why All Small Businesses Need Instagram

Social networks have been helping businesses in expanding their customer base since their inception. Instagram is home to over 1 billion monthly active users and over half of them visit the app daily. This post will shed some light on the importance of the photo-sharing app for small businesses.


Marketers work day and night to reap all the benefits of social networks for their businesses. Instagram is one of those powerful social networks that can boost your brand presence and expand your visibility in the digital landscape. It is one of the most popular apps among Millennials and Gen Z. If you are yet to join 500+ million users that use stories daily on Instagram, let us help you decide.

“You either build the audience from scratch or go to someone who already has the audience you need.” 

Ali Mirza, Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist, iSocialYou

On-Platform Sales

Over the years, Instagram has streamlined its product placement strategy to help businesses increase their e-commerce sales. The latest version of the app now has a Shop Tab displayed prominently in the home dock allowing users to explore a wide range of brands directly through their Instagram accounts. Small businesses can attract actual sales by targeting their audiences since 72% of users have already reported making a purchase on the platform at least once.

Connect to Your Customer Base

Nothing makes a business more relatable than showing potential and existing customers that your business is not just about products or services but it’s also about getting to know you to get an impression of your brand. Rather than being just another faceless stranger looking to take their money, build trust and credibility by connecting with them through Instagram. 

Advanced Targeting Options for Ads

Ever since the photo-sharing platform is bought by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it has also started matching Facebook’s capabilities of targeting ads. 

Being one of the most advanced social media platforms, Facebook (and now Instagram) allows you to advertise to people as per their interests, age, location, and behavior. 

Business Profiles

If a platform with millions of users is offering extra features to the businesses, allowing them to earn while tracking everything, there’s no reason not to join it. Small businesses can reach untapped customers with at least 333,333,333 users actively purchasing via business profiles or Instagram ads.

Quality Brand Building 

Instagram is not all about paid marketing. Small businesses can pull a very natural relationship with their followers, by following aesthetics, posting only niche-specific content, and asking followers what they want. Posting on social media platforms, like Instagram, can help small businesses (especially newer ones) with word-of-mouth, organic growth via post shares of your latest tips and funny videos. Also, engagement with small business brands is higher on Instagram than any other social media platform including Facebook and Twitter! 

Enhance Brand’s Visual Appeal

Most business professionals forget that Instagram is a photo-centric platform, unlike other sites that allow multiple media posting. It’s a fact that people tend to remember more of what they see than what they hear or read. If you can outperform your biggest competitors in visual appeal, you’re already on your way to social success!

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