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Does a blog post look better with a featured image?

When it comes to making your content more appealing and engaging, marketers like leaving no stone unturned. One such example of making your content more attractive is using a featured image. Find out why a featured image is vital to make a blog post look better.

The tech-driven landscape has bound our lives by digital assets. While businesses are making a rapid switch to smart and innovative strategies for grabbing their potential customers’ attention, visuals have always mattered since the age of billboards, flyers, posters, and more. In fact, even in the digital landscape, articles with images have 94% more views than those without an image. No matter how appealing and informative your blogs, articles, or web pages are, the absence of the right set of visuals can make your efforts go in vain.

This is where featured images prove their true potential and assist bloggers in engaging their readers. Let’s understand what exactly a featured image is and what importance it holds in a blog post.

What is a Featured Image?

A featured image is the primary image in a blog post that conveys the idea behind the post simply and appealingly. It enables readers, one-time visitors, or loyal customers to get a quick summary of a blog post. Featured images, usually located at the beginning of a blog, represent an entire blog in a visualized manner and uplift the look and feel of your blog post.

True Potential of Featured Image in a Blog Post

A featured image not only adds value to your post, rather it is a far beyond approach while accompanying countless benefits for a business and its customers in the long run.

Here is a dropdown that portrays the importance of a featured image for a blog post. 

Appealing & Attractive

Adding appealing featured images helps keep the readers on the website for a more extended period and read the entire blog. Graphics are silent ambassadors of your brand, and an attractive-looking blog adds to your visual aesthetics. 

Improved Website SEO

Integrating a featured image in your blog isn’t confined only to deliver an engaging user experience. An image equipped with relevant and trending keywords and alt tags can directly enhance your website’s search engine visibility and eventually improve your business’s reputation in the online marketplace.


Maximizing Business Value

Using difficult words, lengthy content, not using subheadings, and many other things can add to a blog post’s complexity. On the other hand, featured images engage readers while allowing them to understand your brand thoroughly. It maximizes the chances of converting a potential customer into a lead and uplifts your business’ value in the long run.

Adding a featured image is no more a choice but has become an essential aspect of all blog posts. It puts you in a win-win situation with more customer engagement, enhanced business growth, and a competitive edge in the digital ecosystem.

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