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Don’t let fear stop you from having great adventures

The more you feel anxious in your daily life, the more travel will be a source of anxiety for you. You may have avoided travel in the past by making other plans. Or perhaps you came up with excuses so you didn’t have to travel. You may feel a deep sense of comfort from staying at home, and travel may feel overwhelming to you.

Most common causes of anxiety for travelers:

Fear of Flying
The fear of flying is a common fear.  Most people have difficulties relinquishing total travel control to the hands of others, especially a complete stranger. This can be true of cruise travelers too. Passing through security, dealing with turbulence, and sitting in close quarters with total strangers can all serve as triggers for anxiety and fear.

Fears of the Unknown
“Home-bodies” or those that are attached to your home, may find it more difficult to leave that “homey” comfort, especially to travel to a destination you’ve never been before. Travel can feel like a threat to your safety because you are far removed from your safe haven.
Fear-inducing stories
You may have heard or read stories on social media of inconveniences, injuries, or illnesses other travelers encountered when traveling far from home. These horror stories can serve to scare you off from traveling especially taking a cruise.

Fortunately, you can take steps to manage your travel anxiety.

6 Secrets to Alleviating Travel Anxiety

Author: Andrew Winston


4 reasons to cruise Europe instead of flying and exploring on your own  

FAQ: Why cruise to Europe instead of flying there, taking the train and exploring on my own?

If a multi-city European travel vacation is on your travel bucket list, you may want to consider European travel cruise destinations to get the most out of your travel budget so you can spend more time relaxing and exploring. Decide for yourself, but after we consulted our trusted TRAVELMORE Vacations Consultant, we came up with this short list:

Reasons To Love European Cruise Vacations

1. Explore many must-see sightseeing destinations in one travel itinerary.

Cruising is the best way for travelers to explore a large geographic area, visit many different city ports and see many top sightseeing travel destinations within a short period of time; and all on the same itinerary!  Imagine exploring wonderous landmarks in Barcelona one day and then waking up the next day in Monte Carlo, rested and ready for more travel adventures! 

2. Unpack your bags only once.

Travel cruise vacations allow you to unpack once at the start of your vacation, giving you the ability to visit different city ports without the hassle of unpacking and packing your travel belongings. Less unpacking and repacking means less opportunities for losing and being without that one vital object for the rest of your vacation.

3. Travel budget friendly.

Cruise travel provides the greatest value for your travel budget, especially when traveling to multiple destinations because all main meals and accommodations are included in the total package price of your travel cruise vacation.

 European cruise travel vacation that meets all my travel needs that’s budget friendly too!”

Travis Q.

Don’t let fear stop you from having great adventures!

4. Maximizes your vacation time.

Cruising saves time and money especially when travelers want to visit multiple travel destination sights, like Venice and Rome, in a short amount of time.  Various cruise line carriers offer cruise itineraries featuring city port stop offs at popular destinations, giving passengers sufficient time to book shore excursions, group tours or individual trips to take in the local cultural sights.

You may feel a deep sense of comfort from staying at home, and travel may feel overwhelming to you, especially in these difficult times. Travel industry leaders, the CDC and cruise companies are anticipating good travel numbers in the upcoming months. We will keep you updated and if you have specific questions, please contact us.

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