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Everything you ever need to know about flowers

Flower petals are often showy because they are designed to attract pollinators like birds and insects who will fertilize them. The flower’s job is help make seeds to be spread for generations of flowers seeking the quest to last forever.

Brightly colored wildflowers can delight gardeners with the proper amount of healthy soil, sunshine and water, the flowering plants will continue to grow, bloom and make new seeds to be scattered or gathered to be sown and germinated the following season. This bloom and seed cycle continues again and again.

Flowers are the perfect gift

Wildflower festivals are favorite summer outings in Colorado. The events of 2020 cut wildflower season in Crested Butte Colorado out of our travel reach, but our past experience with trial gardens keep our creative juices flowing for the perfect flower for giving as gifts. The colorful outdoor display of trial gardens allow students, researchers, industry representatives, homeowners and extension personnel to learn, teach and evaluate through horticultural research and demonstration projects on what flowers grow best in the unique environmental conditions of the Rocky Mountain/High Plains region.

Human beings evolved to recognize the bright colors of flowers to signal valuable nutrition for our hunter-gather ancestors. Early humans balanced their diet by scanning the sea of green plants for spots of color of flowers and fruits derived from flowers. Evolutionarily designed, the bright colors of the flowers creates chemistry in the brain that release pleasurable feelings. Today, studies have shown that bright colors in a variety of colors at one time, like in a flower bouquet, makes people feel good, appreciated and most of all, loved.

Did you know?

Getting the gift of flowers floods the body with dopamine triggered by the expectation of a sweet feel good reward. But blossoming flowers not only causes the release of dopamine, but oxytocin. Oxytocin creates the nice feeling of social trust, whether romantic love or solidarity. These feelings of love and belonging are hard to find and can be lost if we do find it. That’s why we’re so eager to find a permanent flower preservation method with 24k gold. Since the blossoming of brightly colored flowers triggers a sense that something special is coming because it triggers dopamine.

Flowers stimulate social trust in many ways. They communicate the intention to invest effort in a relationship.

Psychology Today

Flowers That Last Forever

The 24k Gold Rose is the perfect gift for any occasion. Carefully hand-crafted, the 24k gold rose lasts forever. The rose petals are made of 99% pure gold leaf and the stems are made of polyethylene 24k gold plating. The roses make the perfect gift and comes in an assortment of colors:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Blue

These forever gift flowers arrive in a perfectly wrapped box and ready to be gifted.

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