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Overview of Website + Marketing a Small Business

When your goals include building your brand & attracting new customers to ultimately grow your business, it’s going to take more than just a pretty website. Social media marketing is a permanent fixture as more and more small business expand into online branding of who they are and what they offer.

While a pretty website is great to have for small businesses, your social media marketing is a must in this day and age; and if you have an email newsletter or blog to market? Where do you go from there? The time needed to create a search engine optimized (SEO) website, coupled with an effective email campaign, can be a daunting task for many small business owners.

According to a survey of small business owners conducted by GoDaddy, the number one challenge faced by small business owners in managing their brand and their online activities, especially social media marketing, was knowing the most time-efficient steps to take online to grow their business. Entrepreneur small business owners need to spend time doing what they are an expert at not trying to become an online marketing expert. Whether you own a hair salon, a travel agency, or you are an independent contractor such as a freelance writer, graphic artist or web developer, the time needed to spend marketing your small business online is critical to growing your business.

Image explaining a 2018 study in a GoDaddy Small Business Owner Survey in November, the number one challenger small business owners face in managing their online business, is knowing the right steps to take to grow their business online.

Small business owners just find it difficult to find the time to gain the confidence and procure the resources needed to figure out how, when, and on what social media platforms to effectively market their business online. Figuring out all these online marketing strategies and employing them effectively is a difficult time consuming task. That’s where Website + Marketing by GoDaddy comes in.

Website + Marketing by GoDaddy is a time saving highly integrative platform delivering tools and services to all small business owners to help reach their goals. Just like many of GoDaddy’s products, the Website + Marketing platform is simple and easy to use for even the most novice to create a stunning website optimized to grow your small business presence online.

All-in-one solution that empowers every idea, business, side hustle or nonprofit cause to claim their place online & look great in all of the places.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing is powered by innovative insights to drive the online marketing strategies of small businesses with goals of building their brand on social media platforms. Whether you’re a master baker looking to get your cupcake shop up and running or an ayurvedic professional looking to sell your products online, using the latest SEO digital marketing strategy on your website linked to your social media saves you time, effort, and money allowing you to keep doing what you do best. Minding your own business.

Social media marketing is a permanent fixture as more and more small business expand into online branding of who they are and what they offer. Organizing social media posts, identifying your target audience, and integration of the latest mobile technology allows for seamless consistent activity on your website growing your small business online.

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