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Secret Legends of Haunted Mansions | Amazing Cities of the World

Want to learn about the history of all the haunted mansions from all over the world? We’d love to share the legends we learned about in our travels to visit the haunted mansion in Disneyland in the city of Anaheim, California, the haunted mansion in Disney World in the city of Orlando, Florida, and three international Disney haunted mansions in the City of Lights, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

“Greetings! I am your master of scare-a-monies for Halloween on the High Seas.”

The Ghost Captain

The original haunted mansion came from the mind of Walt Disney and is located in the New Orleans Square at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Visitors to Disneyland can take a tour of the haunted mansion (if they dare) to be told the story of the Ghost Captain and his bride. Captain Gore and his bride had a contentious relationship. A faulty relationship fraught with drama that led to Captain Gore killing his beautiful bride before hanging himself. Admittedly a pretty dark story for a Disney attraction, but it is a haunted mansion. What do you expect? There are no sugar plum fairies, unicorns or gumdrops on this ride!

Walt Disney delegated the tasks of designing and constructing the original haunted mansion at Disneyland theme park in 1963. Construction and design of the building was not an easy feat due to Walt Disney rejecting the original idea brought to him about a dilapidated antebellum mansion in the middle of the Happiest Place on Earth; but after the spooky story of the Ghost Captain and his bride was laid out in detail to Disney, the mansion was given the green light. Ranked as one of the most favorite rides at Disney theme parks around the world, the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland California laid the foundation for all other haunted mansion designs in Disney theme parks around the world.

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Haunted mansion number two takes us to Orlando, Florida where the legend of the Corpse Bride is the story behind the ghosts who reside in the haunted mansion at Disney World. Although one of the most iconic rides at Disneyland California is the Haunted Mansion, the haunted mansion in Orlando, Florida was designed completely different from its sister mansion in Anaheim, California to accommodate the completely new layout of Walt Disney World theme park.

The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World in Orlando, Florida takes guests on an eerie, spooky tour of the ghostly halls of the mansion in their very own “Doom Buggy,” a seated half hooded mobile carriage propelled by your ghost host with the most who tells the story of the owner of the mansion, Master Gracey. The Ghost Host and company tell the story of rich Master Gracey and his beautiful young bride, Constance Hatchaway.

Constance, like so many young women in that era, was interested in getting married to a wealthy man. Her looks and charms made her the object of affection for many suitors but none interested her as much as Master Gracey and his enormous mansion and bank account. After wedding her suitors, Constance had the bad habit of hacking of her husband’s head following their wedding day and no exceptions were made for poor Master Gracey.

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The legend of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and Disney World were slightly modified for the Disney theme park in the City of Lights (Paris, France) to accommodate a non-English speaking audience. The name Phantom Manor was chosen and perfectly reflects what you’ll find as you enter the dark ride located in Disneyland Paris.

It’s an interesting fact that the haunted mansion in Disney theme park in Paris, France is not called the haunted mansion. The name of the haunted mansion was changed due to there not being a word for ‘haunted’ that sounded good in both English and French. Disney designers and writers wanted a name for their new international haunted mansion to be one that would capture the essence of the dark, creepy ambiance of the underlying story of the relationship of a heartbroken widow, Melanie, and a mysterious Phantom who resides in the antique manor.

Local culture in China and reverence for ghosts and the dead changed the story plot needed to make the haunted mansion at Disneyland Hong Kong memorable. The haunted mansion designed in Hong Kong, China was designed to be not scary at all, but designed to be an adventure for the whole family to enjoy!

Called Mystic Manor, the mansion at Disneyland Hong Kong treats guests to the story of an antiquities dealer that comes to possess a magic music box. The mystical magic of the music box is rumored to make inanimate objects, like chairs, tables, pictures, and candlesticks come to life! Mystic Manor consists of a trackless people mover system that allows guests to sit while enjoying the light-hearted story about the adventures of the antiquities dealer and his mischievous monkey.

Last but not least is the Haunted Mansion in Tokyo, Japan. Designed to be dark and scary, the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney’s resort in Tokyo, Japan claims to be haunted by 999 ghosts looking to make YOU part of their numbers to reach an even 1,000!

Inspired by stories like the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and other western stories, the Disneyland Tokyo version of the Haunted Mansion does not disappoint. Even the line boasts fun for haunted mansion guests. Walt Disney loved this famous haunted mansion so much that the grounds surrounding the haunted mansion in Disneyland Tokyo is themed around an unfinished wing of the real-life Winchester Mystery House which is a mansion that was under constant construction because the owner believed she was haunted and that continued building of the house made the spirits unable to find her.

Experiencing the secrets of Disney theme parks haunted mansions in amazing cities around the world are just a few reasons to travel the world. Don’t let fear stop you from having adventures of a life time. #TRAVELMOREVacations in 2021 with a complete cruise vacation to and from ports in Florida and California to experience the magical wonder of traveling the world.

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