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The world needs true geniuses now more than ever

Knowledge is power and the world needs true geniuses now more than ever. From Silicon Valley to Sheba Valley, tech geniuses from all over the world are embracing the power of educating children to impart the importance of analytical problem solving skills.

Inspiring young entrepreneur embraces global visions to inspire more young girls to join the tech industry through education. Betelhem Dessie, Project Manager at ICOG Labs is a pioneer in technology education in Ethiopia, Africa.

In order to inspire more young girls to join this industry, I think it’s very important to introduce role models and success stories.”

Betelhem Dessie, ICOG Labs

As the youngest technology pioneer in Ethiopia’s fast emerging tech scene known as Sheba Valley. Betelhem Dessie, a young tech genius, at only 20 years old already has six software programs copyrighted in her name.

Sheba Valley Tech Queen Betelhem Dessie, Founder of Girls Can Code – Next Generation

When Betelhem Dessie was just nine years old, she would build websites and learned how to code in HTML in her father’s electronics shop. Betelhem Dessie began using her knowledge of computer code to solve the problems she saw around her in Ethiopia. For example, some schools in Ethiopia do not have access to science equipment; so Betelhem took her knowledge of code and developed software for a virtual laboratory teaching students how to conduct virtual science experiments without any equipment. Betelhem Dessie saw the power of teaching science to future young geniuses around the world.

Girls Can Code – Next Generation Toolkit is Betelhem Dessie’s initiative to teach young children from 8 to 18 years of age the basics of coding and robotics. The Next Generation is dedicated to teaching children the basics of problem solving and analytical thinking to prepare them from the technical skills needed to strive in the 21st and 22nd centuries. Betelem Dessie’s Girls Can Code initiative supports all scientists and innovators from all over the country helping them showcase their inventions.

I feel happy that not it’s not only inspiring them, but it also inspires me to do more.”

Betelhem Dessie, ICOG Labs

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